Alifetech is proud to offer “LabSpace”, a place for collaboration, learning, support and acceleration for life science startups. We collaborate in planning and guidance as well as offer a fully resourced state-of-the art lab to independent researchers, scientists, designers, entrepreneurs, teachers and students alike. LabSpace provides an integrated platform where scientific entrepreneurs can take their idea from concept to market. In 2019 we will move to a new 2,000 square foot facility where we can provide even more space and resources to our members. Our lab follows Biosafety Level 2 guidelines. Learn more about how Alifetech can collaborate with you.

Lab Equipment

Our Lab offers shared working space and equipment such as Spectrophotometers, Plate Reader, Microscopes, Refrigerators -20, Freezers -80, Liquid N2 storage, Clean Hood, Micropipettors, table top centerfuges as well as Disposables and Reagents and much more. We also have two clean rooms one for cell culture and another for protein production as well as offer a Microbiology lab. Contact us to find out more about our lab and the equipment we offer.

Plate reader
Refrigerators, -20 and -80°C Freezers
Liquid N2 storage
Clean hood
Micropipettors and Tabletop Centrifuges
DNA and protein gel electrophoresis equipment
Thermocyclers, including qPCR machine
Heat Blocks and Water Baths
Separate incubators for microbiology and mycology

Centrifuge tubes (1.5, 15 & 50 mL) and spectrophotometer cuvettes
5, 10 and 25 mL serological pipettes
Petri Dishes
Pipette tips

Defined and Complex Bacterial Media +/- Agar
Selection antibiotics (Amp, Kan. Chlor)
Agarose, loading buffer, DNA ladders, 50x TAE, gel stains
Assorted buffers and common reagents

A place for collaboration, learning, support and acceleration for life science startups.


We have dedicated team of experts to guide and shape your project. Contact us anytime to begin detailed discussions on your development and see how we can best help. Our LabSpace advisors come from top institutions around Mexico City and Guadalajara and are also available to teach advanced biology as well as teach the use of our lab equipment in an easy-to-understand, hands-on way.