logo_alifetech provides customers with GLPs-based services covering a wide range of biological and analytical assays and applications, from preclinical design and innovation to biosafety testing. From the time we collect your needs until the final deliverable to your hands you can always be assured you are receiving the industry’s highest grade service. We have dedicated experts to guide and shape your study - contact us anytime to begin detailed discussions on your project.

Alternative Toxicology

logo_alifetech is a leader in the safety testing without animals and deeply committed to the principles of the 3 R´s of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement. Our Study Types for Screening and Regulatory purpose include:
• Eye Irritancy
• Skin Corrosivity
• Skin Sensitization
• Performance Testing
• Mechanistic Investigations


Support and Resources

In addition to our core suite of contract research services in XXXX, XXXX and other research areas, ALT Laboratory provides the following adjunct services to support your studies:
• Available molecular biology lab
• Available cell culture rooms with BSL-2
• -80°C freezer storage space
• Environmental Health and Safety support
• Hazardous waste management
• BSL-2 waste management
• Supply procurement
• IACUC oversight
• Safety training
• Clinical Chemistry